About Us

Shree Swaminarayan Nursing College - Chikhli, Chikhli College Campus ,Managed by SHIV EDUCATION AND WELLFAIR TRUST was establish in the year 2016. We believes in achieving professional experience with the help of clinical reasoning, evidence based practice and developing excellence skill in the field of Medical and Rehabilitation science. It is a Self-finance college offering various Nursing programmes. The college is Approved by Indian Nursing Council and Gujarat Nuirsing Council. It is recognized by Government of Gujarat, Gandhinagar.


Advantage of Scholarship

Scholarships are motivation to the students and Parents. Government scholarships are availed time to time through Digital Gujarat portal of Govt. of Gujarat.


Dynamic Laboratories

Best labs in Southern Gujarat. Bringing change periodically helps us to stay best. Students learn fast when they do things on practical basis. Well-equipped labs will help them learn things on faster basis.


Qualified Teaching Staff

Teachers are sole and strong mentor to their educational and carrier development.

Our Aim

The Shree Swaminarayan Nursing College will assume responsibilities to prepare a professionally competent nurse and midwife at basic level in providing promotive, preventive, restorative services, where nurses will be capable of making independent decisions to prepare & protect the right of clients, to facilitate individuals & groups in pursuit of their health and to function in the hospital and in the community by performing role as teacher, manager, supervisor and researcher. Develop a person who is caring, responsible, nationalistic, creative, critical thinker and assumes responsibilities for personal and professional growth inculcating ethico-legal, moral and spiritual values.

“What Other Say”

I am very thankful to all trustees of this institution who has built up these Nursing College The trustees choose their staff in such a way that when they going to purchased the 24 carats gold. And daily I am coming to OPD,I seeDr’ssmelly face & they says ‘good morning’ that time my 50% pain has been gone. So I really thank to all OPD Dr’s & all trustees. Management chooses their teaching and clinical staff just like prepare select 24 carats gold in jewellery shop.

"S.S.Nuirsing is the place to go if you want to be surrounded by intelligence. The faculty are amazing with the outstanding campus facilities .As this campus proves knowledge is not enough, we must have to develop our skills, this is the only place to grow enough."

- Miss Namrata Rajput

I VasikMalek coming in S.S.Nuirsing from last 2 months. I am very happy for my treatment because before 6 months I was going to another clinic and compare to both treatments I am feeling very satisfactory result in my pain in this OPD. These all are because of Dr’s behavior with their patients. I want to share something about this OPD rules & regulation for ex. Discipline, treatment timing & strictness in follow up. & I appreciate for these all rules are necessary for our normal life. I am very satisfied with the treatment and behavior I received from the prepare of this college.

- Vasim Malik SPORT TRAINER, D.P.S.